Portable conveyor systems, quick setup and tear down, modular design, add length up to 100 feet.

The Porta-Veyor
Portable Conveyor System

Porta-Veyor in a field, powered by a tractor with PTO
Porta-Veyor in a field, ready to move products with a minimum of labor

Porta-Veyor portable conveyor system. Compact, stackable, easy to move, set up, and tear down.
The Porta-Veyor folded up for
shipment or storage. What a
compact package! This model
has the optional cart wheels
to improve mobility.

You can move up to 800 pounds over a 100 foot conveyor, anywhere! The Portable Conveyor is a reality. No more heavy steel units in fixed locations, no more need for power outlets every few feet, and no need for different conveyors to handle different products.

Porta-Veyor Features

  • Portable aluminum conveyor system
  • Flush mount belt carries any width of product or items
  • Single motor drive. PTO (power take off) also possible.
  • Each conveyor section is 12.5 feet (3.8 meters)
  • Add conveyor length as needed, up to 100 foot (30+ meters) total length.
  • Quick set up and teardown.
  • Quick addition of extensions, so the conveyor can grow or shrink to meet your changing environment.
  • Operates laying flat on any surface.
  • Variable geometries: 20% up slope, 20% down slope, corners, angles.
  • Use slow speed to create an assembly line. Perfect for on-site assembly, emergency deployments, remote food service and catering.

Typical Applications

You can sort, clean, or review products on a Porta-Veyor, anywhere!
You can sort, clean, or check products
on a Porta-Veyor, anywhere!

Some typical uses of the Porta-Veyor include:

  • Warehousing (warehouse systems and product handling systems)
  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Moving plants or supplies in nurseries (indoor and outdoor) and greenhouses (greenhouse conveyors and nursery conveyors)
  • On-demand and portable assembly lines
  • Emergency services: preparation and delivery of kits (food, medical supplies, clothing, etc.) (portable assembly lines)
  • Catering in remote locations (food delivery)
  • Replacement conveyor when fixed installation conveyor has failed. Allows simultaneous repair and operation.

New applications and new industries are being identified all the time, as people realize that capable, portable conveyor systems are available now.

What Can a Porta-Veyor Do For You?

Porta-Veyor with cart option for easy mobility
Porta-Veyor with cart option for easy mobility.

The Porta-Veyor is a portable, labor-saving device, and this translates to cost savings for you:

  • Save money labor and labor-related costs (taxes, insurance, health, etc.).
  • Use less people to accomplish your task, with fewer health and safety risks.
  • Achieve higher throughput (product moved per unit time) than with manual labor approaches.
  • Because it is portable, the Porta-Veyor can be used where you need. Power it from an electric supply, from a portable generator, or use power-take-off from your tractor or other PTO-equipped vehicle.
  • One portable unit can be shared among multiple job locations.
  • The up-slope and down-slope capability provides a portable lift capability anywhere, anytime.

Custom Built Conveyors

If you need a custom adaption of the Porta-Veyor, we probably can make it for you. We already have made special adaptations for specific industries. Also, Porta-Veyors can be custom manufactured for your industry or application.

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