Portable conveyor systems, quick setup and tear down, modular design, add length up to 100 feet.

Applications and Industries

Equipment rental company rents portable conveyors
Equipment rental yard rents the Porta-Veyor. Great labor saving device for the "Do It Yourself" crowd.

Equipment rental company rents portable conveyors
Moving product through turns is no problem with the Porta-Veyor. Up and down angles also, to match your needs.

Shipping and receiving application for the Porta-Veyor. Note the optional siderails on this Porta-Veyor.
Shipping and receiving application
for the Porta-Veyor. Note the
optional siderails on this Porta-Veyor.

Since capable portable conveyors did not really exist before the Porta-Veyor, new applications and new industries for using the Porta-Veyor are being discovered all the time. As people learn what is already being done with the Porta-Veyor, they often realize that their own application or industry can make good use of the Porta-Veyor.

The Porta-Veyor has applications in these industries and applications and more:

  • Trucking
  • Shipping
  • Loading/Unloading applications
  • Warehousing (wholesale and retail)
  • Product Handling
  • Catering
  • Assembly line maintenance
  • Conveyor maintenance
  • Nursuries
  • Greenhouses
  • Emergency services equipment delivery
  • Disaster relief kit preparation
  • Flood prevention: sandbag delivery
  • Baggage handling
  • Facility Management Systems
  • Shelf restocking
  • Package handling anywhere a pallet cannot be used

To stimulate your thoughts about where you could use a portable conveyor system, here are some descriptions and photos from existing Porta-Veyor applications. The Porta-Veyor has voltages for all countries, and it can be used around the world.


Loading a truck with product. Note the product can hang over the edges of the conveyor.Load and unload your truck, trailers, and containers with a minimum of people and effort. With a maximum length of 100 feet (23 meters), the Porta-Veyor can reach from your loading/unloading area to the furthest end of the truck, trailer, or container. The Porta-Veyor can handle a 20% up- or down-slope, so it is easy to adjust for the relative heights of both dock and vehicle.

As the container is filled/emptied, you can quickly and easily add or remove conveyor segments to adjust the running length of the conveyor to the load. Your people can concentrate on loading and unloading without wasted back-and-forth motion to acquire the load.

Also, note how the load can overlap the edges of the belt: wide loads are no problem with the Porta-Veyor.


Nurseries need to move their plants to and from the fields. The power-take-off option for the Porta-Veyor is ideal, as the same tractor that hauls the load can also power the conveyor that sets up the load.

With a 100 foot (23 meter) length, the Porta-Veyor can easily reach into the middle of most fields, and the 20% slope capability lets you easily adapt to the terrain of the field and road.

Assembly Lines

Emergency assembly line providing relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina.The Porta-Veyor features adjustable speeds, which lets you set the operating speed that is best for your application. At low speeds, the Porta-Veyor makes an excellent on-the-spot or emergency assembly line.

In this photo, the Porta-Veyor is being used to assemble emergency kits for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Because it is portable, the Porta-Veyor can be taken to the best location for performing the work, whether it is on site or at a temporary location, such as a warehouse.

In high uptime operations, the Porta-Veyor can be used as a temporary conveyor to keep a critical line in operation while a failed part of the permanent conveyor system is in operation. Simply assemble the Porta-Veyor where needed; the up- and down-slope capability lets you go over or under obstructions without a problem.


Caterers use the Porta-Veyor to assemble and deliver meals. Catering is easy with a portable conveyor.Caterers find the Porta-Veyor to be the perfect assistant: take it anywhere, quickly set it up, prepare and serve meals, and quickly tear it down and depart.

The long length and the angle/corner capabilities lets the Porta-Veyor adapt to the catering location, so that meals can be prepared where suitable and then delivered to the dining area.

The "operate anywhere" design of the Porta-Veyor means that it is easy to clean and clean in operation, two critical points for caterers.

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