Portable conveyor systems, quick setup and tear down, modular design, add length up to 100 feet.

Cost Savings to You
When You Use Porta-Veyor

Save labor and save money with Porta-Veyor.
Saving on labor costs with Porta-Veyor adds to your bottom line. Better efficiency, reduced labor costs, higher profits.

Rising labor costs and associated overhead expenses (taxes, insurance, etc.) mean that if you can save on labor costs, you can greatly improve your bottom line. To make this point, here are some example cost savings calculations for a truck loading application: we will compare baseline costs versus the identical application which uses the Porta-Veyor.

As you will see, you come out ahead by using the Porta-Veyor because:

  • The Porta-Veyor increases efficiency
  • The Porta-Veyor increases productivity
  • The Porta-Veyor lowers labor costs
  • The Porta-Veyor adds to your bottom line profits

Example: Truck Loading Job

Manual 6 $6.15 6 $221.40
Porta-Veyor 3 $6.15 6 ** $110.70
Your Savings 3     $110.70

** Because the Porta-Veyor has a variable speed control,
you can set the pace you desire, and you probably
will be able to reduce the load/unload time.

Payback in Less than One Year

A Porta-Veyor can pay for itself in less than one year. Here is how:

Minimum yearly cost for 1 laborer
($6.15 per hour for 50 weeks)
Approximate cost for 1 75-foot Porta-Veyor $10,000
Savings in the first year $2,300

Your savings can be even larger, depending upon the number of laborers you can eliminate and the number of Porta-Veyors and crews you have. Of course, your costs and savings may vary, and the figures used are for example only.

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